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Mile Behind The Smile explores the intersection of finding happiness and gaining strength through helping others and sharing our stories with others. The ability to accept our vulnerability; the courage to expose our most hidden selves is what ultimately leads us to live happier lives. This book will show you that by owning our story we can feel genuine contentment and happiness.

Mile Behind The Smile is about re-imagining what happiness is in our society. A compilation of stories from people who have been able to find happiness, despite adversity, through acts of selflessness, service and, ultimately, love.

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“After researching happiness for more than a decade, one thing is clear to me: The surest path to happiness is serving others. Calvin Long beautifully brings that science to life through moving, inspirational stories of people finding joy by fueling it in others. This book will leave you forever changed!”

Michelle Gielan, International Bestselling Author of Broadcasting Happiness

“I love this book! Calvin's stories remind us that the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows in our lives are both part of our stories. Although it's often miles behind the smiles, we can all make it and discover what brings us the true forms of joy in our lives!”

MJ Ryan, Author of Attitudes of Gratitude and Surviving Change You Didn't Ask For

“A powerful takeaway from Calvin Long's Mile Behind the Smile is that your attainment of happiness is often dependent upon how you choose to see the world. True happiness is not easy to attract when you are coming from a selfish place. But when you choose to see the world from a place of selflessness, happiness is a natural by-product."

Robin Sacks, Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of Get Off My Bus!

"As one who is convinced that the first step towards happiness is the embracing of gratitude, I must say I am most grateful to Calvin Long for this powerful, positive work steeped with significant inspiration. With a world quickly going self-centered, this beautiful collection of stories should be on everyone’s MUST read list. Thank you Calvin Long!"

Karen Donovan-Godt, Founder and Executive Director - Hope for Honduran Children

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